New Technology For Indoor Grills

Grilling in your home is a great way to prepare delicious meals in no time and be able to sit down to dinner with the whole family. Unfortunately, indoor grilling is something difficult to do because you need special equipment to get the job done. One of the first things you need to do would be to look for different grills available on the market for you to buy and use regularly. Some grills are meant for your stove top while others allow you to simply plug them in and use them whenever you would like.

The price and (more…)

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Grilling, Cooking And Fire Safety Tips For The Home

Cooking, grilling and barbequing can be fun, family activities that some foodies even consider an art. But before you heat things up in your kitchen or your grill, consider some home and fire safety tips that you and your family should practice for a safe and enjoyable culinary experience.

1. For outdoor grilling, make sure your grill is a safe distance from your home, trees, or anything that’s a potential fire hazard.

2. NEVER leave a grill (or any open flame) unattended. If you do walk away for just a minute, be sure to close the lid on the grill.

3. After you’re done grilling or cooking, make sure the coals, grill, fire, burner, etc. is completely off and extinguished. For grills that use charcoal, pour water on the coals to ensure that they are not burning anymore.

Other than safety tips you can be aware of and implement at your home, there is also fire safety equipment that you should always have on hand. Fire extinguishers should be kept in or near the kitchen and near your outdoor grill. Smoke detectors and alarms should also be installed in or near the kitchen and there one should be at least one on every floor of your home. Many home security providers offer fire safety equipment like smoke alarms, smoke and heat sensors and even ways to call for help if you experience a fire or other emergency at your home.

Other than being aware of fire safety hazards while cooking and grilling, make sure to pass on the knowledge to the rest of your family and your children. Plenty of websites and resources are available to help you plan accordingly for fires and discover more ways you can practice fire safety – in the kitchen, on your outside patio or deck while grilling and throughout your home.

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Home Grills With A Reputation For Fire Safety

Grilling at home in your backyard is a great way to celebrate a special event or family gathering. Choose a grill that has a reputation for safety. These grills have reinforced covers that won’t allow your fire to get out of control if you keep the lid down. When you are grilling burgers, there are often flareups because of the grease hitting the fire or coals. It is a good idea to leave a spray water (more…)

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Fire Safety Tips That Can Be Applied To Any Grill

Grilling is a popular pastime that many people share across the world during the warmer seasons. Grilling yields delicious foods, but because it is a cooking style that involves fire, it is considered to be dangerous. Keep these tips in mind next time you decide to grill to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Keep Grill Away from Other Items, People, and Animals

Be sure that your grill is positioned a good distance from any other objects, people or animals. Additionally, keep (more…)

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How Grills That Power Off Automatically Prevent Fires

Many modern grills are being produced with a special safety feature. The feature is called an automatic shutoff. It’s this simple feature that is completely changing the overall safety of modern grills. The way that this feature works is quite simple.

Activity Monitor

Normally, the automatic shutoff is installed on gas grills or cookers. The automatic shutoff has a motion detector. If a gas grill has not been used for a period of time set by the user, the supply of gas to the grill is shutoff automatically.

Aside from ensuring the grill doesn’t (more…)

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Techniques To Ensure Fire Safety While Grilling Food Inside

Indoor grills are usually powered by electricity and are portable. They generate enough heat to sear a steak, cook hamburgers or grill chicken. Keep them away from nearby combustible objects such as curtains, dishtowels or plastic items that may be on display on countertops near the grills. Check owner’s manuals to see if grills need to be placed on a fire or heat-resistant surface.

All appliances that create heat use a lot of electrical current. Never plug an indoor grill into an (more…)

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The Safest Grills For Indoor Use

Grilling imparts a truly distinct and wonderful flavor to food, but sometimes outdoor cooking is simply not an option. Though this may seem quite obvious,, one should never consider using charcoal or gas equipment indoors, even in well-ventilated areas. These apparatus produce dangerous carbon monoxide gas that can be deadly even in minute amounts. That being said, there are alternatives that can safely be used indoors when you simply can’t live without a freshly grilled meal.

There are two basic types of indoor grill: the folding contact grill and the open grill. The folding contact grill is the direct descendant of the panini press. These electric appliances consist of two heated plates that cook both sides of the food simultaneously. They require little attention and cook relatively evenly. If you are looking for an experience that most closely resembles outdoor grilling, the open grill is the appropriate choice. They are comprised of an electric heating element and grill surface much like that found on outdoor equipment. Cooking on these machines requires consistent attention and an occasional flip to achieve an even sear. This may be an inconvenience for the casual cook, but grilling aficionados are sure to find this experience more satisfying. The resulting flavor is also much closer to the real thing. Though no appliance will replicate the smoky, deliciously charred twang produced by fire, you can safely get close in your kitchen.

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